Foots Oil Specification

Foots Oil, a valuable byproduct of the lubricating oil refining process, is a versatile solution known for its myriad applications. Its high oil content and unique composition make it an ideal choice in the production of high-quality candles, enhancing their texture and burn time. In the rubber and tire industry, Foots Oil serves as a softening agent, improving the flexibility and durability of rubber products. Its properties also find applications in the manufacturing of various polishes, providing a glossy finish to surfaces ranging from wood to leather. Additionally, it acts as a lubricant in industrial machinery, ensuring seamless operations and reducing wear and tear. Foots Oil’s ability to penetrate and nourish makes it valuable in the formulation of certain skincare products, contributing to creams and lotions designed to soften and hydrate the skin. It is also used in following sectors:

  • Match industry
  • Shoe production
  • Wood sector
  • Grease production


Discover eco-friendly Foots Oil options crafted for sustainable manufacturing. Our Foots Oil with its high oil content, versatility and effectiveness across multiple sectors make Foots Oil an essential component, enhancing the quality and performance of various end products.

Oil Content 60 %
Wax Content 40 %
Flash Point 200-210 ℃
Viscosity @100  ℃ 4 -5 cSt
Melting Point 48℃
Congealing Point 45℃
Density@25 ℃ 0.84 gr/cm3
Color Brownish


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