Slack Wax

Your key ingredient for superior industrial applications.


Slack Wax, a versatile semi-solid residue from lubricating oil refining, finds applications across industries. Its lubricating properties make it essential in industrial lubricants, ensuring machinery efficiency. In textiles, it enhances fabric texture. Slack Wax is also vital in rubber, acting as a softener. It’s a key ingredient in various polishes, giving surfaces a brilliant shine. Moreover, it’s used in skincare products for its nourishing properties. Its adaptability and effectiveness make Slack Wax invaluable, enhancing product quality and functionality.

Characteristics Value Test Method
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C 8 Cst ASTM D 445
Flash Point 265  ̊C ASTM D 92
Specific Gravity 15.6 C/15.6 C 855 ASTM D 1298
Oil Content (wt %) 25 ASTM D 721
Congealing Point 61 ̊C ASTM D 938
Color 2 ASTM D 1500
Drop Melting Point 65 ̊C ASTM D 127


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