Cosmetic & Hygienic Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

In cosmetics and personal care products, Vaseline is used in the formulation of a variety of product types, including: moisturizers, hair conditioners, cleansing products, shampoos, etc. Immerse your brand in excellence with our Vaseline—a symbol of quality and innovation in your business.


Vaseline in its hygienic grade represents the epitome of purity and care in the personal care industry. Meticulously refined, with its luxuriously smooth texture, it becomes the essential ingredient in an array of skincare formulations. From moisturizing creams to healing balms, Vaseline’s hygienic grade offers unmatched hydration and protection. Its gentle touch makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin, providing a comforting barrier against dryness and harsh environmental factors. Vaseline (Hygienic Grade) is the trusted choice for skincare experts and consumers alike, ensuring supple, nourished skin and embodying the essence of skin-loving care.



Test method

Color 0.5Y ̴ 0.9Y IP-17 METHOD A 2CALL
Kinematic Viscosity @100C 5 CST ̴ 7CST ASTM D 445
Drop Melting Point 57 OC ̴ 59OC ASTM D 127
Flash Point 220 ̴ 240 ASTM D 92
Polycyclic Aromatic PASSED BP 2016
Specific Gravity at 60 °C 0.819 ̴ 0.822 USP
Drop Point 50 °C ̴ 52 °C BP 2016
Acidity OR Alkalinity PASSED BP 2016
Odour PASSED ********
Sulphated Ash LESS THAN 0.05% BP 2016
Congealing Point 53 °C ̴ 55°C ASTM D 938
Penetration Consistency 110 ̴ 125 ASTM D 937



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